LIVE UK, a sister publication to AUDIENCE, is the only publication dedicated to the country's contemporary live music business, providing news, features, tour plans and information to the people that drive the industry – promoters, festival organisers, venue operators, artiste managers, booking agents, ticketing companies, media and key professionals in dozens of related sectors.
The UK's Best Venues for Contemporary Live Music as an annual round-up of the most prominent and proactive venues, from pubs to stadiums and open-air sites, that play a part in keeping the UK a world leader in contemporary music. This 84-page publication features interviews with venue operators, profiles key personalities – from pub landlords to stadium bosses, and includes a survey of trends in areas such as ticketing and marketing.
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Audience is the world's leading monthly magazine for the international contemporary live music industry, providing news, features and information to professionals in more than 80 countries worldwide. Circulation includes thousands of promoters, festival organisers, venue operators and key people in dozens of related sectors.
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This year’s LIVE UK Summit, set for Wednesday 12 October, carries the banner Making It Happen, which encapsulates the character of the whole live music industry.

Whether it’s grassroots venues presenting unsigned artistes, a festival the size of a small town or multiple-night concerts at a stadium, all sectors of our industry – from promotion to production – have a motivation not present in many other walks of life.

Very many people in the live music business succeed or fail on their own efforts, and while the downside can be tough, that energy is what finds and develops new talent and takes it worldwide, builds ever more impressive stage sets and improves standards and services at venues.

We celebrate that energy at the Summit and, through discussion and networking, seek to improve and expand the outcomes it generates.

More than 300 delegates from across the live music industry – such as grassroots music promoters, venues operators, festival organisers, agents, artiste managers, services providers, industry organisations and politicians – will gather at this year’s event to discuss issues ranging from branding and artiste development to the challenges facing festivals and venues, ticket abuse and the evolving digital environment.

The Summit is followed in the evening by the Live Music Business Awards, held at the same venue.  Check